5 Cities to Get Lost In

5. Prague, Czech Republic

Beautiful historic buildings, cool little shops to see, and endless places to go for great food.



Padlocks on a bridge in Prauge

4. Montreal, Quebec, Canada

A hike up mount royal to get some amazing views or go for a skate, exploring the history of Old Montreal, or just going on hunt for the best Poutine.

Montreal is beautiful in winter
Snow covered bench in Old Montreal
Ice at Mgill University
Quebec road signs in French
Snow covered bikes in Montreal

3. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is home to epic hikes, rich history and tons of unique shops and restaurants. If you are looking for wool are cashmere look no further. Also a great city to walk around if your looking to stay fit with all the stairs and hills in this city.

Edinburg Castle 


Lots of cafes in the city with great food.

2. Melbourne, Australia

Browse though a farmers market, sip coffee in one of the many cafes, or take the tram out to St. Kilda and splash around the ocean


1. London, England

You could easily spend months in London and still not do everything. There is the obvious tourist attraction like Buckingham Palace or Big Ben. But there are so many cool little neighbourhoods, beautiful parks, and just amazing places to go. Take a walk around the city, pick up some fresh fruit at a summer market, stop in to a friendly local pub for lunch or buy and oyster card hop on a bus and just see where you end up.

Big Ben/Victoria Tower 
Exploring Lodon’s Parks 
Flowers in London summer
Union Jacks



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