What to Take on a Spring/Summer Ontario Road Trip

Spring and summer in Ontario means warm weather and exploring this huge province. Here a some things you may want to bring with you.

Comfortable shoes 

With so many trails to see, hills to climb and parks to get lost in you will want to make sure that your feet are comfortable.  You’re bound to find some a place to some hiking in pretty much any Ontario town or city.

path (1 of 1)
Kismen Trail in North Bay, Ontario
Trail along the Lake Ontario in Toronto, Ontario

Insect Repellent

Ontario’s lakes, trails and foresters attract many visitors each year. Also really liking these areas are black flies and mosquitoes. If you are doing any hiking or camping good bug spray is a must.

9218330219_d25edeb87c_o (1)
The Infamous Shadfly in North Bay, Ontario


Contrary to what you might think about Canada our summers actually get quite hot. The great thing is Ontario has so much water to enjoy. You never know when are going to want to stop off a splash around at a beach or cannonball into to some of the most amazing fresh water. Whats better than a picnic on the shore followed by racing your friends into the water.

lakesomcoe (1 of 1)
Lake Simcoe In Barrie Ontario 
magnetwanriver (1 of 1)
Magetawan River, Magnetawan, Ontario
ramlake (1 of 1)
Lake Ramsay, Sudbury, Ontario


With so amazing views don’t be surprised if you’re making a lot of photo stops. From trails and hill, to rivers and lake, to amazing birds and wildlife there is always something to capture here.

robin (1 of 1)

squirellsnack2 (1 of 1)
Squirrel on Heritage River Walk, Burk’s Falls, Ontario

Sense of Adventure 

Well this is true for travelling anywhere. But on an Ontario road trip trade that chain coffee shop for a local bakery of cafe. Venture into a small town you’ve never heard of and explore a craft store or flea market. Ditch the fast food you can get anywhere and get the best poutine in some little highway chip stand.

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