3 Tips for Visiting Toronto

The Big Smoke, Hogtown, The Six. Being the fourth largest city in North America Toronto welcomes visitors from around the world. Here a some tips for a great trip to Toronto.

Leave The Car Parked 

Toronto is not an easy city to drive in. Parking is limited and expensive and roads can get extremely congested. Despite what many locals may say Toronto has a decent public transit system (Although I don’t think there is any city that doesn’t complain about their public transit.)

Toronto has a network of subway busses and streetcars known as the TTC. As well if you are staying downtown many places you’ll want to go will be easily walkable.


TTC Streetcar

Skip the Chain Restaurants   

Canada’s progressive immigration policy means people from all over the world now call Toronto home. This means you can find so much great food Toronto for almost any taste and budget. Be it a cheap eat in Chinatown or a steakhouse in Yorkville. From fast food to vegetarian and from gluten-free to little coffee shops and bakeries there is so much food to try in Toronto.

Spring and Fall are Great Times to Visit

Toronto is a place that can get -30C in January and +35C in July. Summer also mean schools are out so accommodation is more expensive and attractions are more crowded. My favourite times for exploring Toronto are mid to late May and mid to late September.

That being said you can have a good time no matter when you come to Toronto. Embrace the winter, bundle up, and take a beautiful winter walk though High Park. If it gets too hot jump into one of Toronto’s many free outdoor swimming pools.

Cherry Blossoms in High Park


Wether you’re into theatre, sports, music, or shopping Toronto has something for everyone.

Useful Links

Google Maps– Shows you how to get to where you want by walking. public transit and car.

Citypass Toronto– One Price gives you access to a bunch of attractions.

BlogTO– Gives tons of information on events going on in Toronto


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