Coffs Harbour, Australia

Coffs harbour is about 500 km north of Sydney. It’s also about the halfway point between Sydney and Byron bay so it’s a stop for a lot of backpackers.

For sure one of the main attractions in Coffs Harbour is the Coffs Harbour Jetty. Hear you can jump off into the sea. I never got the nerve to jump off the very top but jumped from the lower platform. cfjetty.jpg

If you take a walk on the jetty you can often see dolphins and sea turtles. If your looking for some good food I highly recommend Mini Pancakes at the jetty. Just be warned you may start going there for breakfast everyday once you’ve tried them!

Another thing to do is the Big Banana. I stayed at Aussietel Backpackers and did a rainforest tour that had a stop there. Here you can sample and buy different banana products. Also there is ice skating and water attractions there.



I stayed at Aussitel Backpackers and the great thing is they have lots of organized activities that allow you to meet other travellers. Some free and some for a very small price. I did the rainforest tour and got to see Coffs Harbour from a lookout. Free paddle boards and kayaks are also available.


I would recommend Coffs Harbour if you’re looking for a coastal town with nice beaches and lots of nature to explore.


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