What to Take on a Spring/Summer Ontario Road Trip

Spring and summer in Ontario means warm weather and exploring this huge province. Here a some things you may want to bring with you.

Comfortable shoes 

With so many trails to see, hills to climb and parks to get lost in you will want to make sure that your feet are comfortable.  You’re bound to find some a place to some hiking in pretty much any Ontario town or city.

path (1 of 1)
Kismen Trail in North Bay, Ontario
Trail along the Lake Ontario in Toronto, Ontario

Insect Repellent

Ontario’s lakes, trails and foresters attract many visitors each year. Also really liking these areas are black flies and mosquitoes. If you are doing any hiking or camping good bug spray is a must.

9218330219_d25edeb87c_o (1)
The Infamous Shadfly in North Bay, Ontario


Contrary to what you might think about Canada our summers actually get quite hot. The great thing is Ontario has so much water to enjoy. You never know when are going to want to stop off a splash around at a beach or cannonball into to some of the most amazing fresh water. Whats better than a picnic on the shore followed by racing your friends into the water.

lakesomcoe (1 of 1)
Lake Simcoe In Barrie Ontario 
magnetwanriver (1 of 1)
Magetawan River, Magnetawan, Ontario
ramlake (1 of 1)
Lake Ramsay, Sudbury, Ontario


With so amazing views don’t be surprised if you’re making a lot of photo stops. From trails and hill, to rivers and lake, to amazing birds and wildlife there is always something to capture here.

robin (1 of 1)

squirellsnack2 (1 of 1)
Squirrel on Heritage River Walk, Burk’s Falls, Ontario

Sense of Adventure 

Well this is true for travelling anywhere. But on an Ontario road trip trade that chain coffee shop for a local bakery of cafe. Venture into a small town you’ve never heard of and explore a craft store or flea market. Ditch the fast food you can get anywhere and get the best poutine in some little highway chip stand.

Photo Essay- Sailing the Greek Islands

This past summer I went on a Topdeck tour called Summer Fun and Sailing. One of the reasons I picked this tour was because it had 3 days of sailing the greek islands.

Sailing was amazing. Sleeping on boat, exploring cool little fishing villages, jumping into the refreshing water, partying the night away on the beach and just being discounted from the outside world.

Beautiful Water 
Cool Rock Formations 


Learning how to navigate the boat.

Photo Essay- Exploring the Swiss Alps at Jungfrau

This past August I did a tour with Topdeck Travel (who I would highly recommend by the way). One of the optionals activities in Switzerland was to go up Jungfrau. It was fantastic.

We explored the sites, ate Lindt chocolates, made snow angles, chucked snowballs at each other and admired ice sculptures all in beautiful sunny weather.

Scenery on the train ride up
The train actually had to stop a couple times to get cows off the tracks
Could have spend hours just taking photos


Making snow angles and summertime snowball fights were common
Ice Sculptures 


You get rent snow tubes try out their zip line

5 Cities to Get Lost In

5. Prague, Czech Republic

Beautiful historic buildings, cool little shops to see, and endless places to go for great food.



Padlocks on a bridge in Prauge

4. Montreal, Quebec, Canada

A hike up mount royal to get some amazing views or go for a skate, exploring the history of Old Montreal, or just going on hunt for the best Poutine.

Montreal is beautiful in winter
Snow covered bench in Old Montreal
Ice at Mgill University
Quebec road signs in French
Snow covered bikes in Montreal

3. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is home to epic hikes, rich history and tons of unique shops and restaurants. If you are looking for wool are cashmere look no further. Also a great city to walk around if your looking to stay fit with all the stairs and hills in this city.

Edinburg Castle 


Lots of cafes in the city with great food.

2. Melbourne, Australia

Browse though a farmers market, sip coffee in one of the many cafes, or take the tram out to St. Kilda and splash around the ocean


1. London, England

You could easily spend months in London and still not do everything. There is the obvious tourist attraction like Buckingham Palace or Big Ben. But there are so many cool little neighbourhoods, beautiful parks, and just amazing places to go. Take a walk around the city, pick up some fresh fruit at a summer market, stop in to a friendly local pub for lunch or buy and oyster card hop on a bus and just see where you end up.

Big Ben/Victoria Tower 
Exploring Lodon’s Parks 
Flowers in London summer
Union Jacks



5 Things do During Summer in Newfoundland, Canada

  1. Explore St. John’s
    St. John’s is a really cool city to walk around and explore. Since the city is built on a hill you will be sure get stay fit when walking around this city. Go for lunch at a local pub, walk up Signal Hill, or just walk down by the waterfront and breath in the beautiful fresh ocean air.
Houses in St. John’s, Newfoundland
Seagull flying over the Atlantic in St. John’s

2. Raft the Exploits

One of the most fun things I did while in Newfoundland was a rafting trip on the Exploits river just outside of Grand Falls. They aren’t the biggest rapids in the world but it’s still a total blast. The guides play tons of fun games with you and each raft has water guns so there are lots of friendly water fights between rafts. If you have the money you can splurge and stay in one of their nice Chalets for the night.

Badger Chute Rafting - August 8, 2015 305
Going into the Rapids
Badger Chute Rafting - August 8, 2015 011
Water Fight!
Badger Chute Rafting - August 8, 2015 312
Fun in the Rapids
Badger Chute Rafting - August 8, 2015 350
The Badger Chute
Badger Chute Rafting - August 8, 2015 233
If we got close to another raft, we made sure they got wet!

Photos by Rafting Newfoundland. For more info www.riverfrontchalets.ca

3. Swim in Thunderbrook Falls

Located just outside of Grand Falls-Windsor Thunderbrook Falls makes a great little swimming hole on a hot day. If you don’t feel like swimming pack a picnic and your camera and just admire this natural beauty. Tip- If you are going to swim it’s good idea to wear flip-flops or water shoes as it is quite rocky.

Thunderbrook Falls

4. Hit the beach at Deer Lake

Explore the trails around the beach, take a refreshing swim in the lake, or watch the sunset over some ice cream.

Exploring trails around the Deer Lake Waterfront
Amazing Sunsets 
Deer Lake Beach 

5. Wander the little towns and villages

The small towns a villages in Newfoundland can almost feel like a step back in time. Explore the little fishing villages, eat some fresh seafood at a little diner or roadside stand, browse the local shops and really take in the true Newfoundland culture.

Steam in Clarenville, Newfoundland


Exploring the beautiful village of Bonavista, Newfoundland
Bishop’s Falls, Newfoundland


Botwood, Newfoundland

5 Things to do in the Canadian Maritimes

  1. Check out the beaches

Wether it’s jumping off the bridge at Basin Head, playing in the waves at Cavendish, or building sandcastles at Parlee the Maritimes has so many amazing beaches to explore.

Parlee Beach, New Brunswick


Basin Head, Prince Edward Island

2. Explore the Cabot Trail

No trip to Canada’s east coast would be complete without a drive along the Cabot Trail. Be sure to keep to camera handy to capture the beautiful scenery.

Cabot Trail, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. 

3. Eat great seafood

Lobster, muscles or just fish and chips from a roadside stand. The east coast offers so much delicious seafood.

4. Watch a Sunrise or Sunset

The maritimes lends it self to some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets anywhere.

Sunset from the Pointe du Chene Wharf in Shediac, New Brunswick
Sunset over Bras D’Or Lakes in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Sunrise in Price Edward Island

5. Explore and Get Lost

Weather your wandering around downtown Halifax, browsing a local farmers market, or just getting in the car and seeing where the road takes you there are so many place to explore on Canada’s east coast.

Halifax Public Gardens. Halifax, Nova Scota
Digby, Nova Scoita
Victoria Park. Truro, Nova Scotia